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Sanjaybhai Raguru Science College, affiliated to Saurashtra University is a nourishing and flourishing branch to impart the best possible bachelor's science degree course education to the most deserving of scholars wanting to pursue their education and career path in the field of Science. The college is well equipped with facilities, infrastructure and duality teaching staff to offer its students on of the finest experience and exposure in acquiring the latest syllabus and knowledge in basic and applied subjects viz. Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics, Microbiology and Physics.

    Principal's Message

Our purpose of Education students is to teach them to think and develop a capacity to reason out facts. Our only motive is to build our youth for the future rather than building a future for the youth. Let the education we impart, may lead to the information of our students with ignited mind for unleashing their power for national development of the country.

-Dr. Nimish H. Vasoya   


It is a broad discipline that involves the study of the biology of bacteria, viruses, protozoa and fungi. The main focus of our course is the pathogenic potential of the organism causing disease to man. We also cover aspects of the biochemistry, physiology and genetics of micro organisms. The program covers learning fundamental concepts before specializing in microbiology topic

Facilities: Bacteriological incubator - Portable Autoclave - Superior quality microscope - (Pen X ,45 X, 100X)


Botany also called Plant Science, Plant Biology or Philology is the science of plant life and a branch of biology. A botanist or plant scientist is a scientist who specializes in this field. The term "botany" comes from the ancient Greek word "Butane". Traditionally, botany has also included the study of fungi and algae by mycologists and philologists respectively. Modern botany is a broad, multi-disciplinary subject with inputs from most other areas of science and technology.

Facilities: Botanical Garden


This program gives a deep introduction into theoretical mathematics prepared For studies in pure mathematics and to career in mathematical research. A high degree of problems solving talent is required to complete the course. This program has practical orientation and is dominated by requirement of main application. It allows you to study varied aspects of mathematics to an advanced level with core modules and mathematical methods.

Facilities: Computer Simulation Laboratory


Physics is the most fundamental category of science. New concepts such as quantum mechanics and relativity are introduced at degree level in order to understand nature at the deepest level. This program is planned to cater profound philosophical implication because they challenge our view of the everyday world while studying one of the most intellectually satisfying disciplines. An individual will acquire transferable skills, including numeracy, problem solving, an ability to reason clearly and communicate well.

Facilities: Series And Parallel Resonance - Circuits - Audio Oscillators - Spectrometer - Newton's Ring kit – Meledes Experiment - Telescope – Resonator


This subject is designed for students who plan to become chemist. The program emphasizes on intensive study in science. It covers all the significant areas of the subject. It serves a good platform for an individual to pursue careers within or outside chemistry. It provides a solid grounding in all aspects of chemistry. The program is designed to provide experiences of a wide range of chemical techniques for measurement and synthesis necessary for the study of modern chemistry. The program is a mixture of traditional sessions, coursework, workshop and laboratory practicals. It includes some topics of inorganic chemistry like periodic properties, bonding and shapes of molecules, organic chemistry. Physical chemistry and so on.

Facilities: 1 Chemicals - Burettes - Pipettes - Digital balance (0.1 Sensitivity) - (600g capacity) - Digital Colony Counter