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SANJAYBHAI RAJGURU COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING and SANJAYBHAI RAJGURU COLLEGE OF DIPLOMA were established by RAJHANS EDUCATION TRUST in 2008. The Institute is affiliated to Gujarat Technological University and approved by AICTE New Delhi. College is situated near Village “hadmatiya” and 14 km away from Rajkot city.

The Institute aims to be a leading center for engineering study, pursuing knowledge in both fundamental and applied area, and collaborating closely with business and industry in promoting technological innovation and economic development. The members of the trust are involved in the social activities and are also promoting the technical interest of the state and country by contributing to the technical institution development.

In this mission, it offers B.E. program in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information Technology and Electronics & Communication Engineering. SANJAYBHAI RAJGURU COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING will nurture the intellectual growth of its students and serve humanity through creation, application and dissemination of knowledge relevant to technology and become one of the premier Engineering Institutes and achieve the highest order of excellence in teaching.